Alex Martin

- 20 Years of live performance experience

- Five and a half vocal octave range as discovered by world class vocal coach Dr. William Reilly. 

- Endorsed by the New York Yankees and partners with Ray Negron for Yankee outreach initiatives 

- Original "seed-to-fruit artist" Writes, sings, instruments, produces, mixes and masters all of his music

- Performed as Universities' headliner, Pianos NYC, The Red Lion, The Bitter End, Vynl, Rockwood Music Hall and booked for more

- Broadway actor and songwriter

- Released clothing called "The Heard" that donates a percentage of proceeds to inner-city youth arts programs

- On-Call band for live performances

- Performed and is a motivational speaker in the college circuit 

- Interviewed and performed on TV at NBC and ABC

- Sponsored by Beautycounter's male line "Counterman", Serato, Batboy, and Yankee's Tavern  

- Various major and miscellaneous news outlets articles and features

- Board member of scholarship to help underprivileged kids transition into higher education

- Alex performs with a shifting band of roadshow vagabonds that come together under the banner of " The Floating Heads"


Alex's musical journey began at the age of four on Venice Beach, CA as a child busker with his family. This lasted until the age of fifteen.

Alex then left his family from LA to NYC at fifteen in hopes of  obtaining a better life through higher education. Two and a half years after living on his own in NYC, Alex received a full academic scholarship which ultimately landed him his BA.

Alex decided to pursue his mission full-time and started working on his debut EP "New California" which garnered the attention of NY Yankee's Ray Negron, who presented Alex the opportunity to write songs for and act in the New York Yankee Broadway musical production "Batboy". Alex Martin is endorsed by the NY Yankees and spent Spring training with The Yankees in March of 2019 to get into character.

Alex Martin is a productive powerhouse, by writing, producing, performing and mastering all of his own music. His catchy writing style riding on top of an anthemic soundscape with Alex's unmistakable voice, grooving bass lines, experimental guitar sonics, and modern synths all tied up with a clean and commercial production approach leaves the listener feeling intrigued by the enigmatic yet familiar sound.


Alex is in the studio working on his catalogue and is releasing his first commercial single early 2020.


"His music is an experience and seeing him live is surreal. Very powerful voice, not only with his singing but what he has to say." ~ Ray Negron, NY Yankees Community Outreach Exec. 


mission meets music

Branding is key to identity. Our identity reflects the hearts of those who believe in a better tomorrow. "The Heard" clothing line is about uniting unheard voices by helping inner city youth with access to more arts programs in addition to helping transition scholars into higher education. With proceeds going towards helping the seeds of our future, it's never too early in one's career to give back. 

Artist bio

"No Finish Lines" was written, produced, instrumented, mixed, and mastered by Alex Martin. This spontaneous yet eclectic five song journey showcases the variety of styles that are all yet connected under the overly vague yet still familiar sound which opens up a genre that marries Rnb, Pop, and Rock into "Pop Soul". 

1. Miles

2. Wine Glass

3. Visa

4. Heard It

5. Legacy

Available on all global major music streaming platforms

"Fueling Creative Freedom"

Management: 718 Entertainment Group


Sal T. (917) 417-5865

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